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Helping Responsible Gun Owners Stay Responsible

McMiller is a secure firearms storage facility designed to store firearms for responsible gun owners outside their residence. Firearm owners are now able to take action to place their guns in their own personal gun storage space to keep control of them. Firearms are no longer stored improperly or available to those who may use them irresponsibly.

These situations may include:

  • Temporary Storage Needs - Vacation, moving, business trip, snow birds, major home renovations, selling your home, and foreclosure

  • Limited Storage Space - Growing collection, estate planning, and liquidation

  • Accessibility to Firearms - Young children in the home or concerns of a domestic partner

  • Domicile Displacement - State of Emergency, Military Transfer and Deployment

  • Legal Situations - Divorce, Legal Violations, Mental Health Concerns and Estate  Issues.

  • Military Service - Deployment, PCS, Schools, Extended Operations and Veterans.

McMiller Sport's Center does not take ownership of your firearms. You retain ownership of your firearms, so you can come and go as you please without state or federal paperwork during business hours or by special appointment.

Your firearms will be secured in an environmentally controlled facility that meets and exceeds state & federal standards on firearm security.

Clients can easily call and make an appointment to drop-off or pick up their firearms If your situation dictates that you can no longer legally possess firearms, even temporarily. As an additional service, with an affiliate federal firearm licensed holder (FFL) we can also arrange consignment of your firearms.


Why you WANT to use McMiller Gun Storage Services?

Limited Storage Space

  • Large collection in which you do not need particular firearms beyond the basic necessity of home/personal protection.

  • An increase in your firearms collection due to an inheritance in which space in your home is not available.


  • Curious children or adults present in your home whom may not possess competent firearms safety skills.

  • To settle the concerns of an apprehensive domestic partner.

Legal Issues

  • Divorce where you may have to remove your firearms from your residence while the proceedings are taking place.

  • An extended presence of a person in your home who is known to be disqualified to possess firearms.

  • Estate Preservation of inherited firearms during the probate process and while awaiting legal distribution to the beneficiaries.

Temporary Needs

  • Selling your home - in which you enter into a contract to sell your residence. This allows Real Estate Professionals and their clients unsupervised entry and unchecked access to the secured places within your home.  (i.e. Open House)

  • Temporary Displacement from your home due to Major Renovations, Family Vacation, Business Trip, Snow Bird, and Foreclosure

Domicile Displacement

  • Extended regional State of Emergency due to a storm or public service outages.

  • Elderly who may need to move to an Assisted Living Facility.

Military Members

  • PCS / ETS

  • Schools

  • Deployment

  • Legal Actions

  • Safety Concerns

Military Service Members and Veterans Receive Special Discounts on Storage

Welcome to McMiller Sports Center Gun Storage facility. We offer multiple monthly packages for safely storing your firearms and ammunition, clips and other accessories. Please select a storage solution that best suits your storage needs.

  • Dimensions:

  • Outside: 58.00" H x 24.00" W x 19.00" D (Add 3" for handle)

  • Inside: 53.00" H x 21.50" W x 12.00" D

  • Interior Cubic Feet: 7.91

  • Weight: 410.00

  • Fire Rating: 80 Minutes


  • UL Listed 12-Gauge steel body is 40% thicker than non-approved 14 gauge steel.

  • 1" Formed Door with a partial inner plate.

  • Force Deflector Locking System.

  • Hardened steel pin lock protection.

  • 1" diameter chromed locking bolts on three sides of the door (top/sides) 8 total 5 active.

  • Securam UL Rated Electronic Lock with Battery Tray

  • 80 Minutes @ 1550 degrees F Fire Protection

  • 95 Minutes @ 1200 degrees F Fire Protection

  • Hammer Gray Gloss finish.

  • Three-spoke silver chrome handle.

  • Cantilevered Modular Shelving.

  • Total long gun capacity: 20 (10/20)

  • (4) factory Pre-drilled anchor holes in the floor

  • Barrel Racks: 2

  • Standard Shelving only (Not Axis or CMS Compatible)

  • Does not include a DPX Barrel Rack


Storage Programs 


Firearm Storage (Custodial Custody)
You maintain ownership of your firearms and it is stored within our vaults.
You may remove your firearms as you need. This program is designed for those with limited storage, apprehensive spouse, curious children, vacation & selling of one's residence.

Voluntary Non-Custodial Firearm Storage Agreement
This is where a firearm owner voluntarily places their firearms into storage in lieu of having them confiscated by law enforcement.  This is done under court order and firearms can only be accessed under elevation of that order.

Firearm Transferred Storage
You sign over possession of your firearms to a McMiller Sports Center (McMiller Outdoors Inc.)  affiliate FFL, until you want them back and are legally able to have them back. This program is designed for customers with legal constraints. IE; Pending Divorce, Restraining Orders, Allegations of Domestic Violence, Safety issues and Mental Health Concerns. If disqualification occurs, the firearms can be sold, and the value is retained.

The Legacy Program
With this program, McMiller Sports Center will ensure your collection gets passed down in accordance with your final wishes. Upon notification, McMiller Sports Center places your collection in storage during the probate process and to allow proper distribution to the heirs. McMiller Sport's Center will insure that the receiving party has all of the proper firearm's licenses before taking delivery of their newly acquired firearms. In the case an heir does not want to receive their inherited firearms McMiller Sport's Center (McMiller Outdoors Inc.) will arrange the sale at fair market value.

McMiller Sport's Center Emergency Storage
This program gives you a secure firearm storage option if suddenly displaced due to a natural disaster, declared emergency, fire or flood. This program will provide your first month free of charge for firearm storage to keep them safe & secure during a transition of safe & legal storage. If the length of storage needs to be extended you may be entitled to reimbursement from your home owners or renters insurance under your "loss of use" section.

When need be, we can assist you with all the necessary paperwork and permits, that may be involved, in you legally regaining your collection. If your situation dictates that you can no longer legally possess firearms, we can arrange sale of your collection, so you can, at least, regain its monetary value.

McMiller Sports Centers Gun Storage Questions


McMiller Sports Center is the leading authority on Secure Firearm Storage in the state of Wisconsin.  Here we answer the tough questions on how to safely and legally secure your firearms.

Q: Is it legal to allow a friend or family member to store my firearms in their possession?

A: No, it is prohibited to give possession of a firearm to an individual who is not within your immediate presence. Both parties can face criminal charges if this is discovered by law enforcement.
i.e. If your firearms are stolen/missing from a friend or family member or if you experience legal problems and law enforcement wishes to secure your firearms and they are not kept in your possession, this could trigger additional criminal charges for all parties evolved.

Q: What do I do with my firearms if I am going on vacation?

A: If you leave your home for an extended period of time there is a greater risk and opportunity of theft of your firearms when they are unattended. If your firearms are stolen/missing and it is not reported within the statutory of 36 hours of your knowledge, you may be held criminally liable under the trafficking and straw purchase laws. This also opens you up to criminal and civil liability and it is a best practice to store your firearms in a commercial secure firearms storage facility.

Q: What do I do with my firearms if I am a Military Service Member being deployed?

A: Many Military installations have strict rules regarding personal firearms being kept on government property. McMiller offers discounts to active, reserved and Military Service Veterans. You can store your firearms while deployed, mobilized or at schools at a discount. 

Q: Should I keep my firearms in my home when it is being renovated?

A: No. Whenever you invite strangers into your home and you will not be physically present or they will be left unsupervised, it may be advisable to store your firearms in a secure commercial firearm storage facility. Most contractors, movers, painters, carpet cleaners, furniture/appliance delivery people are not criminally background checked. Therefore, you want to be cautious with your choice of whom you invite/hire to access your home.

Q: Should I keep my firearms in my home while I am selling?

A: No. When you “list” your home for sale with a real estate brokerage firm, you agree to allow the broker and any sales agent to have full access to your home. Customarily, you are not present for the open house and any of the following visits by the real estate sales agent and prospective buyers. This provides an opportunity for strangers to study or simply photograph or video the layout, security camera and storage system you use to secure your firearms. This could lead to future thefts of your home by these such individual or people he may “share” your information with. It is a best practice to store your firearms in a commercial secure firearms storage facility before you list your home and throughout the sale process.
Note: When you close on the house you are selling, you must apply for a new driver’s license and firearms ID card in the municipality you are moving to within 30 days.

Q: Can I keep my firearms in a hotel room?

A: Yes. But only while you are present in the room. Unlike an apartment or a condo rental, a hotel room is not a leased premise and you do not have sole possession of that property.

Q: Can I store my firearms in a Self-Storage Facility?

A: No. Self-Storage contracts are devised to assure that the Self-Storage owner gets their rental fee, either from monthly payments or through a warehousemen’s lien. The items that are stored but not paid for over a period of time could contractually be sold. The sales are held as auctions and the winner of the auction will take possession of the storage unit and its contents. The winner of the auction may not qualify for a NJ firearms purchasers ID card and has not filled out the necessary transfer paperwork nor has passed a NJ NICS check; therefore, if firearms are obtained by this auction winner, the owner of the rental unit, the renter of the unit, and the auctioneer may be liable for facilitating an illegal firearms transfer.

Q: Can I store my firearms in a Banks Safety Deposit Box?

A: While there is no law against storing firearms in a safe deposit box, most rental agreements prohibit the storage of explosives, intoxicating liquors, narcotics or any property of an illegal, malodorous or destructive nature.

Q: What do I do with my firearms during a natural disaster or house fire?

A: If your home is located in a declared natural disaster area or has had a serious crime or fire happen, your certificate of occupancy may be voided and you will not be allowed to enter or live in the dwelling for an undetermined period of time. The police may offer to secure your firearms inventory with them, however this could be precarious if you’re in possession of any illegal firearms or parts and/or associated items that can be assembled to make a firearm illegal. A secure commercial firearms storage facility can be helpful in these situations.

Q: What do I do with my firearms if I am pending Legal action?

A: If you have a pending legal action, there are secure commercial firearms storage facilities that offer cooperative non-custodial firearms storage agreements. These agreements allow you to voluntarily store your firearms securely under the agreement with the court that you will not have access to the firearms until the approved by the court. If the police seize your firearms you can have your attorney petition the prosecutor’s office to have your firearms released to a secure commercial firearms storage facility with the agreement.

Q: What do I do with my firearms if my spouse, child or a cohabitant guest of my home has a firearm restriction?

A: You can store your firearms at a secure commercial firearms storage facility.
Note: Illegally supplying a restricted person with a firearm is the intentional providing, giving, selling, donating, lending, delivering, or otherwise transferring a firearm to any person known by the offender to be a person convicted of a felony and prohibited from possessing a firearm. The penalties for a felon being found in possession of a gun can be severe. Often, the crime itself is a felony, and, as with many other crimes, the more prior felony convictions a person has, the longer the prison sentence prosecutors will seek. ... Some states will enhance the punishment of the original conviction. A person convicted in any jurisdiction of specified violent crimes may not purchase, own, possess or control any firearm. See N.J. Stat. A
nn. § 2C:39-7.

Q: What do I do with firearms that I control through an estate?

A: Estate firearms are the responsibility of the executor/executrix. This means the security of those estate firearms falls to this responsible party throughout the probate process until the firearms are distributed to the heirs or sold. Many times estate firearms are not desired by the heirs and the firearms are not properly secured nor cared after. It is advisable for the estate firearms to be immediately stored in a secure commercial firearms storage facility until they can be distributed to the heirs or sold through the proper firearms sales process. This will alleviate the executor/executrix from liability if these firearms are involved in future criminality.
McMiller Sports Center offers our Legacy Firearms Agreement


McMiller is here for you and your firearms storage needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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