• Actions open/firearms unloaded at ALL TIMES except when shooting

  • Load and unload only in the shooting box with the muzzle pointing down range

  • No size shot larger than # 7 1/2 and no more than two rounds loaded at any time

  • Eye and ear protections required at all time

  • Shockwave shotguns or anything similar are NOT permitted.


  • All shooters must check in with the Range Safety Officer before entering the range

  • All firearms are to be brought onto the range in a case

  • Always case and remove firearms from case on top of the shooting benches and always do so with the muzzle down range

  • Rate of fire may not exceed one shot per second

  • No more than two firearms on a bench at any given time

  • Eye and ear protection is required at all times while on the range

  • No caliber .50 BMG or larger may be used at the range

  • No tracer rounds/shotgun use (excluding slugs) allowed

  • Chamber flags are required for every firearm on the bench during ceasefires

  • No handling of firearms / ammunition / magazines during ceasefires

  • Must be 16 to shoot a pistol (excluding .22 long rifle on the plinking range ONLY)


  • No alcoholic beverages prior to or during shooting. 

  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory. 

  • No skipping stations please. 

  • Load and unload in SHOOTING BOX ONLY. Action open at all other times. 

  • Never leave the main trail. (Please pay attention to range signs at all times) 

  • Golf carts are permitted - No spinning tires, No racing, No Speeding, No loud exhaust systems.

  • Do not touch or move shooting boxes or automictic trap machines. 

  • Please report any unsafe behavior or other problems you may observe to our staff as soon as possible. 

  • Shotgun shells from other shooters are not permitted to be picked up on state property. 

  • Shells are not to exceed 1 1/2 oz. of 7 1/2 shot.