25 Yard Range

McMiller’s 25 yard range is the shortest available range and houses 22 target points. The range is unique as it has no caliber/firearm restriction other than those set forth in the General Range Rules. Target frames on the 25 yard range are manually movable between ceasefires and can be set at distances as close as 6 yards and as far out as 25 yards.


This range is perfect for individuals wishing to practice and become more proficient with their handguns, for long guns (rifles) which shooters wish to zero-in before moving to further distances, and most of all for beginner/novice shooters.

50 Yard Range

McMiller’s 50 yard range is the next furthest distance  shooters may utilize and houses between 12-18 target points. This range is great for shooters with rifles who are utilizing iron-sights or working on preparing their rifles for further distance shooting. This range is used by hunters, muzzle-loaders, and rifle fans looking for more of a challenge to their shooting prowess. Shooters wishing to use pistols at the 50 yard range MUST have a 5 inch barrel and shoot a hunting caliber round (ie: NO 9mm, .22, .380, etc…)

NOTE: Target points are fixed at 50 yards only

100 Yard Range

The 100 yard range is the largest range that McMiller has to offer, housing 44 target points. The 100 yard range is primarily used by seasoned shooters maintaining their proficiency on their numerous rifles while also checking their shot groups with new optics.

NOTE: Target points are fixed at 100 yards only

300 Yard Range

McMiller’s longest range is the 300 yard range which houses 12 target points. Shooting distances at this range are fixed at 200 and 300 yards. Shooters have the ability to utilize golf carts during ceasefires to manage their targets.


The 300 yard range is used by shooters to sharpen their long-distance skills.