This course is designed for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of long-range shooting. Whether you are an avid hunter looking to take that long-range shot or a beginning shooter that wants to learn proper form, this course will benefit you. The course will be 2 days (8 hours each day) with one day in the classroom and another day on the 300 yard range here at McMiller.

We strive to provide a friendly and personal experience to help you reach your shooting goals. Small classes with multiple instructors allow us to patiently answer your questions and explain things in multiple ways if necessary. Upon completion of the course you will know how to select and properly set up your equipment, understand safety concerns regarding long-range shooting and all firearm operation. We will breakdown every step of the process giving you the knowledge to operate your equipment to its full effectiveness. We will ensure you fully understand the fundamentals of marksmanship, internal and external ballistics, reading wind accurately to engage 1MOA targets out to 1000 yards. All students that complete this course will have basic proficiency in precision rifle operation, providing the platform for improving skills at the range and in the field. Upon completion of the fundamental course you will be invited to enroll on the advanced course held at our 1000+ yard range in SW Wisconsin.  

Topics Covered

  • Safety

  • Equipment selection and utilization

  • Getting to know your rifle

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship (i.e. trigger control, recoil management, shooting position, breathing, etc.)

  • Ranging targets

  • Reading wind

  • Understanding MOA vs MIL adjustments

  • Understanding internal and external ballistics

  • Creating and using ballistic data out to 1000+ yards

What We Offer

  • A private personal experience with a limited number of students to insure quality time with the instructors.

  • Intro classes will be held at McMiller Sports Center in a private setting. Upon completion of the intro course, participants will be invited to enroll in the advanced course located in SW Wisconsin where you will be shooting at 1000+ yards.

  • Upon completion of the class, in recognition for their accomplishment, each student will receive course materials and a data log book as well as a t-shirt and sticker.

  • Lodging accommodations are available for both courses upon request (for an additional fee).

  • Knowledgeable instructors with over 50 years combined shooting experience, and all are NRA certified rifle instructors

  • All shooters enrolled in the course will have access to and are encouraged to log their rifle data on one of our lab radar systems. Radar allows us to determine exact muzzle velocity for your specific rifle and load for unmatched accuracy. We will also have target cameras available for those memorable shots.

Long-Range Fundamentals

This course teaches the fundamentals of long-range marksmanship. ($450)