This course is the second of two courses we offer. Courses need to be taken sequentially to ensure success. All the setup and groundwork for this course is learned and practiced in the fundamentals course. Special consideration to register without completing the fundamental course may be given for students who have experience shooting at ranges of 1000+ yards. The advanced course will consist of two days focused on lots of time behind the gun. A minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition is required for this course. Located  on our private 1100 yard range in the beautiful hills of Fennimore WI, you will be engaging steel targets from 300 - 1100 yards. Multiple instructors will be spotting for you, helping you learn how to make the proper adjustments in equipment and form to consistently hold groups at these ranges. Upon completion of this course, you will understand long range ballistics, how environmental variables affect your round, and be confident shooting at 1000+ yards. We have arranged lodging accommodations in Fennimore with an extremely affordable group rate available to all enrolled students. We will supply lunch for both class days. You will be responsible for transportation to and from the range. 

Topics Covered

  • Safety

  • Equipment modification, fit, and utilization

  • Complete walk-through with your rifle

  • Advanced marksmanship technique

  • Understanding target range and how range effects your bullet

  • Using ballistic data past 1000 yards

  • Hold points vs scope adjustment

  • Lots of rounds down range

What We Offer

  • A private range on 325 acres in the beautiful rolling hills of Fennimore, WI

  • Multiple shooting positions with bunks at 300 - 1300 yards

  • AR-500 steel targets varying in size from 8" to 24"

  • Access to lodging accommodation (extra fee)

  • Knowledgeable instructors with over 50 years combined experience in long-range shooting

  • Lab radar equipment

  • Access to rental guns

  • Match grade ammo

Long-Range Advanced

A course for graduates of the fundamental course with targets past 1000 yards. ($650)