Weapon Sight and Barrel

Plinking Range 

Our .22 long rifle plinking range is designed with metal targets of various sizes and distances. Located on our 50 yard range, 7 benches allows for many to enjoy this area. From 5 yards to 50 yards this range offers dings and whistles like non other; great for kids and all ages to enjoy! 

Multiple stations have hand pulls to allow shooting to re-set the targets without having to wait for other shooters. 

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 When shooting steel targets, always observe the following safety rules.

1. Always wear wrap around eye protection and hearing protection.

2. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

4. Always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.

5. Know your target, what’s below it, and what’s beyond it.

6. Use the correct ammunition for the gun and the target.

7. Never use alcohol, over-the-counter prescription, or other drugs before or while shooting

8. Always shoot steel targets from at least the recommended minimum shooting distances.

9. Wear gloves when handling steel targets.